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Wo Peng, also known as 和平, started off by Chef Julian Tam bringing in “Poon Choy” (盆菜) to Singapore as a Chinese New Year delicacy. We specialize in Cantonese cuisines and we aim to serve you the most authentic and traditional Hong Kong flavor through our dishes. 

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At Wo Peng, we cook with love, joy and harmony

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Little Tiny Sun
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"The deep-fried cod fish is cut into pieces after the steamed wild cod fish fillet is cleared. The fish was extremely fresh and requires little dressing. I like the natural sweetness of biting into it!"
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"Having said that Chef Julian is the pioneer, I raised my expectations for his poon choy (盆菜) unconsciously and was not disappointed at all. Wo Peng's version was braised way ahead of time, hence the explosion of natural flavours from expensive ingredients such as scallops, whole abalones, sea cucumbers, fish maw and pork. The gravy had a perfect consistency and as expected, packed full with flavours."
The Bonding Tool
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"I enjoyed was the Superior Chicken Soup with Almond, simple yet steeped in robust flavours! If you are familiar with the components of traditional Chinese cooking, you will notice the nutritious and hearty elements this concoction holds!"
Strictly Yours
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"Steamed Running Yolk Cream Buns: The warm golden lava flows out beautifully and it's impossible not to love the generous lava to bun ratio. Give me five more please!"

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