About Us

Wo Peng specializes in Cantonese Cuisines and we aim to serve the most authentic Cantonese dishes to our customers. Learn about how it all started today.

Our Founder

Chef Julian Tam

Platinum Award Winning Hong Kong Chef, Julian Tam Kwok Fai, not only he is the first to introduce the “Poon Choy” concept into the Singapore Chinese cuisine as a festival new year delicacy, he is also the first to convert “Poon Choy” into a dish which can be enjoyed daily. Customers appreciate Chef Tam’s passion and knowledge in traditional Hong Kong style Chinese cooking much and will never disappoint by his delicacies.


Wo Peng aims to serve you the best traditional and authentic
Hong Kong style Cantonese cuisines.

Cuisine at Wo Peng

Our Specialities

Chef Specialities includes: Traditional “Hong Kong Wei Cun Poon Choy”, Smoked Roasted Duck with Rice, Tea Leaves and Camphor Wood, Buddha Jumps over the Wall and Baked Lobster Noodles with Superior Stock.

We also do serve handmade Hong Kong Dim Sums such as: Barbecue Pork Buns with Preserved Leaf Mustard, Skewer Fry Pork Siu Mai and more.



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